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HTCM About Us:

The goal of this website is to inspire travel. The entire website is devoted to written and photo essays from travelers around the world. This is our bread and butter.

The kind of travel that makes you leave behind your normal life and embrace the unknown for extended periods. You aren’t going away to escape from your life; you are going away with the intent of creating a new life and, during the process, discovering a new you.

We all know how travel has this amazing ability to spur self analysis, epiphanies, paradigm shifts and wholesale life direction changes by getting you out of your comfort zone, taking risks, having experiences in new cultures that increase your flexibility/agility/resilience for life.

We want stories from those that are willing to say yes to the breaking down, which, in turn, leads to the building up of one’s life. Hopefully, one that’s more vibrant, resilient, graceful, alive and filled with joy!

Inspiring travel stories written by people all over the world who want to share how a travel experience(s) changed their lives. Adventurous stories from people compelled to shake up their lives, discover unseen lands and move closer to their truest selves.

We live vicariously through the lives of others and in doing so, share amazing, transformative tales with our readers. We strive to connect the people of the world together through the beauty and wonder that is travel.

Who better to share the bounty of the world than those out there experiencing it – today!People changing the world by actually traipsing around and embracing the eternal search to find those singular moments that redefine who and what they are moving forward.

We want sincere, from the gut writing. Souls stripping bare the shackles that hold them back and embracing the unknown. Writers who understand quality material springs from unabashed, unfettered and fearless storytelling!Not just writing from the heart, but the kind that resonates with the heart of reader’s.

So, if you love travel, want to read about and see the gamut of experiences this crazy, beguiling, magical, random, frustrating, exotic and beautiful world has to offer read on.

And if you think you have the write stuff, send us a piece of your work. Who knows, the world may like what you have to say…

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